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CR200X-Series Dataloggers

CR200X-series dataloggers (our smallest, lowest-cost dataloggers) have an input channel configuration and small size that make them optimal for measuring one or two simple sensors…. Learn More

CR800-Series Dataloggers

The CR800 and CR850 dataloggers provide precision measurement capabilities in a rugged, battery-operated package. The two models differ in their keyboard display. The CR800 uses… Learn More

CR1000 Measurement and Control System

Following in the tradition of the CR10 and CR10X, our CR1000 dataloggers measure more sensors than our CR200X- and CR800-series dataloggers. The CR1000 is a… Learn More

CR3000 Micrologger®

Campbell Scientific’s CR3000 Micrologger is a self-contained, rugged datalogger that includes battery-backed, real-time clock and nonvolatile data storage. It has an on-board keyboard and 128… Learn More

CR5000 Measurement and Control System

This rugged, high performance, integrated data acquisition system has a built-in keyboard, graphics display, and PCMCIA card slot. It combines 16-bit resolution with a maximum… Learn More

CR9000X-Series Measurement and Control Systems

The CR9000(X)-series dataloggers are ideal for applications that require rapid measurements. Measurements at rates up to 100,000 samples per second can be made with 16-bit… Learn More

CR7 Measurement and Control System

Primarily used in multi-parameter research and industrial applications, this large modular datalogger allows the user to customize the measurement system to their specific needs. Any… Learn More

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