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A modular, customizable measurement system

CR720XL Large I/O Module for CR7

Either the CR720 or CR720XL I/O Module is required in each CR7 System. The CR720XL provides regulated power for analog and digital functions, 16-bit A/D-D/A… Learn More


CR7 I/O Cards

The CR7′s I/O Cards allow the user to customize the CR7 system with the configuration of cards that best suits their application. The CR720 accommodates… Learn More


10437 CR700X OS7.2 w/SDM and 2K Program Memory

The 10437 PROM allows the CR7 to be compatible with the SDM-INT8, SDM-SW8A, SDM-AO4, and SDM-CD16AC. It is the OS7-0:2 default option. Learn More


6096 CR700X Library Special PROMs

The 6096 provides a Library Special User PROM for our CR7 dataloggers. It supports specialized applications (assistance of an Applications Engineer required). Learn More


LS6812 CR700X 4K Program Memory PROM

The LS6812 provides the OS7-0:2 PROM and a 4 kbyte Program Memory (hardware modification also required). Learn More


OS7-0:1 CR700X OS7-0.1 PROM

The OS7-0:1 is a PROM for the CR7. Learn More


S3497X CR7 OS7.1 Psychrometer PROM

The S3497X is for controlling Peltier cooling of thermocouple psychrometers. The application PROM is only provided. To operate properly, the S3497X must be inserted into… Learn More

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