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A sanitary system is more than the sum of the components it is using. That is why EVAC focusses on the complete integrated sanitary system for trains.

Evac’s almost 40 years expertise in railway applications has been generating state-of-the-art components with “built-in” field experience of more than 50.,000 vacuum toilet systems installed worldwide including Thailand. Our vacuum toilet systems has been in operation for the first-class passenger coaches of the State Railway of Thailand since 1996. This proves systems reliability and performance.

Evac’s strength lies in the ability of integrating components in to a functional and reliable system taking care of some of the most important and vital functions within a toilet module.

Vacuum toilet systems

  • EVAC 2000E
  • EVAC 2000P
  • EVAC Compact
  • EVAC Compact PV
  • EVAC Online

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