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One of Samyoung’s key characteristics is extensive vertical integration. Samyoung has all the major processes in house to manufacture diesel engine parts and engine assembly, for instance, design, analysis, casting, machining, assembly and quality control. This vertical integration is very rare in diesel industry and gives Samyoung an easy access to accomplish performance improvement, environmental issue and reasonable price in a relative short period of time.

In terms of diesel engines, Samyoung is vertically-integrated company to the large extent. From initial design of final products, every manufacturing step is executed within Samyoung including analysis, casting, machining, testing, quality control and so on. This extensive vertical integration results in Samyoung’s competitive advantage due to short development leadtime, easy quality control over the entire manufacturing processes and more customer satisfaction.

Locomotive engine parts

  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder liner
  • Piston & Carrier
  • Piston ring

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