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Hepworth Rail International, a division of B Hepworth & Co., is a UK based organization supplying high performance wiper systems into a global market that demands the very best.

Hepworth Rail is the leading supplier of bespoke wiper equipment, having over 70 years of experience specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy duty windscreen wiper systems. With the need for good clear visibility an essential safety consideration, names such as Alstom Transport Limited, London Underground, Bombardier, Siemens and Airport Rail Link Bangkok, etc. know they can rely on Hepworth Rail’s expertise in the design and manufacture of wiper systems to meet their specific and individual needs.

Meeting the challenges of rapidly developing technology alongside the stringent demands of the rail industry, Hepworth Rail have built a reputation at home and abroad, synonymous with quality and reliability, continually working to maximize and expand their product range.

Incorporated into the design and validation processes will be the experience gained from an extensive background of type, endurance, routine and where required, shock, vibration and temperature testing data. Additionally, the requirements of Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives are met and certification issued for all wiper systems.

Wiper Systems

The wiper system is designed for each customer’s specific requirements to give maximum swept area, utilizing the best combination of components from the following ranges:

  • Linkage systems and assemblies
  • Suppressed systems
  • Arms
  • Wash equipment
  • Blades
  • Custom built systems
  • Motors

For further information, please visit Hepworth Rail International Official website