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Dataloggers & Data Acquisition Systems

Campbell Scientific dataloggers are at the center of our rugged, reliable data acquisition systems. Our dataloggers share similar measurement and programming capabilities; selection of the…Learn More


Measurement & Control Peripherals

This family of peripherals expands the already formidable measurement and control capabilities of Campbell dataloggers. Measurement peripherals are situated between the datalogger and its sensors, while… Learn More



Campbell Scientific offers a full range of communication devices. On-site peripherals include external data storage devices, PDAs, laptop or desktop computers, and displays. Telemetry peripherals support… Learn More



Our sensors are generally designed for long-term installation under adverse environmental conditions. Most of the sensors listed on our web site measure environmental and water… Learn More



Whether you’re new to the world of dataloggers, or a long-time user of data acquisition equipment, Campbell Scientific provides a software solution for… Learn More


Power Supplies

Campbell Scientific’s data acquisition systems are powered by reliable, inexpensive 12 Vdc sources. Power consumption by our dataloggers, peripherals, and sensors is minimal, allowing extended… Learn More



Campbell Scientific enclosures are designed specifically for data acquistion applications. They protect equipment from dust, water, sunlight, or pollutants. Their white color reflects solar radiation,… Learn More


Tripods, Towers, and Mounts

Our tripods and towers are sturdy instrument mounts designed to support sensors, wiring, antennas, and instrument enclosures. Both tripods and towers can be guyed (required… Learn More