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Hua Hong Seng Co., Ltd. is a Thai company established in 1956. Our company originated from a local supplier providing high quality building materials to professional contractors. In 1957, the Penguin brand was founded by us to offer premium quality products of household and industrial paints for interior and exterior applications. We provide a full range of colors for both synthetic enamel paint and acrylic emulsion paint.

In 1974, we started expanding our business line with the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) by providing products and parts for railway tracks, and rolling stocks from local and international manufacturers. With our years of experience in national railway supplies and services, we have been selected as an exclusive agent for Faiveley Transport Group (formerly SAB WABCO) since 1990 and EVAC Train (formerly EVAC) since 1995. Faiveley Transport Group and EVAC Train are European manufacturers of brake systems and vacuum toilet systems, respectively.

For the past 11 years, we have increasingly carried various product lines to serve our customers including but not limited to air suspension systems, diesel engine components, laminated & tempered safety glass, high performance wiper systems, brake shoes, oil dampers, etc. We have become exclusive distributors for Toyo Tire and Rubber, Samyoung Machinery, Woojin Industrial Systems, VMC glass, and Hepworth Rail International.

Recently, with the growth and success of our company, the product range has been broadened to data loggers, data retrieval peripherals, sensors and systems. We represent the product lines of Campbell Scientific and R.M. Young Company from the United States and Australia. Our products are used in a wide variety of applications such as flood warning (ALERT), water level and flow, water quality, agricultural research, air quality and pollution, earth sciences, ecology, lightning, plant physiology, solar energy, weather, wind energy, Irrigation, SCADA, geothermal energy, mining, transportation, and vehicle testing. The company’s customer base consists of environmental engineers and scientists, agronomists, crop scientists, soil scientists, researchers, ecologists, geologists, miners, meteorologists, and civil engineers.

Our long term business relationship with local and international manufacturers from several countries; such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Argentina and the United States, assures our customers with high quality and reliable products. We also build close relationship with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.