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Instrumentation Tripods

Our tripods are used as portable instrument mounts in a variety of applications. For meteorological applications, the tripods can be augmented with mounts allowing attachment of…Learn More

Instrumentation Towers

Our instrumentation towers are constructed of rust-free aluminum with a steel base. They consist of 10-ft sections that ease shipping and on-site installation. The towers allow… Learn More

Mounting Poles

Campbell Scientific offers several models of vertical poles for mounting sensors, enclosures, or other instrumentation. The models differ in length. Our 10-m model consists of… Learn More

Crossarms and Crossarm Brackets

Crossarms provide a rugged attachment point for securing meteorological sensors, antennas, and other peripherals to our tripods and towers. The design of all the crossarms… Learn More


Campbell Scientific sells several mounts for fastening sensors to an instrumentation tripod, tower, or pole. We also offer radiation shields and leveling platforms to help… Learn More

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