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EKO Instruments has recognised the demand for sophisticated PV evaluation systems already before the renewable energy transition has started. Besides IV curve tracers, for which manufacturing was started 20 years ago, EKO provides highly accurate and reliable solar radiation measurement equipment for outdoor use already since 60 years. In the mean time our radiometer product portfolio ranges from high-quality pyranometers and modern DNI sensors (footnote: Direct Normal Incidence) to the widely used spectroradiometer product line which becomes a de-facto standard in PV performance evaluation.

In the last 25 years EKO has been contributing to the Photovoltaic industry by means of introducing standardized professional products and turn key PV measurement solutions, to characterize Cells, for performance monitoring of solar power systems and other renewable solar energy applications.

Nowadays EKO Instruments provides a unique combination of PV measurement instruments and solar radiometers to measure most common PV related characteristics for indoors and outdoors applications. The best PV measurement solutions and useful back ground information on PV measurement applications can found on this website by product group or product.



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