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Multiplexers allow our dataloggers to measure more sensors. The number of analog inputs is increased by sequentially multiplexing sensor leads into “common” leads. The individual… Learn More

Synchronous Devices for Measurement

Synchronous Devices for Measurement (SDMs) are a group of addressable peripherals that expand the datalogger’s output and measurement capabilities. The datalogger controls the SDM output… Learn More

Vibrating Wire Interfaces

These interfaces allow our dataloggers to read vibrating wire sensors. Vibrating wire (or vibrating strip) transducers are commonly used to measure strain, load, pressure, and… Learn More

Wireless Sensor Interfaces

These components are used to interface with our wireless sensors. Products included in this category are base stations, the wireless configurable sensor interfaces, and the… Learn More

Relay Drivers

Relays are devices that can provide power directly to external devices that have modest power requirements, such as the small fans used in our Bowen… Learn More

Terminal Input Modules

These small modules are provide completion resistors for resistive bridge measurements, voltage dividers, and precision current shunts. They attach directly to the datalogger’s input terminals…. Learn More

Miscellaneous Measurement and Control Peripherals

Measurement and Control Peripherals that don’t quite fit into our other categories are included here. Learn More

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