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Data Storage, External

Several types of data storage devices are available from Campbell Scientific. Data storage devices can be used for redundant data storage, additional data storage, or… Learn More

Direct Communication

Direct Communication is our term for the process in which a datalogger communicates directly with a computer port. Learn More


Our ethernet options allow Campbell Scientific dataloggers to communicate with a computer using TCP/IP. The local network or dedicated Internet connection can also be accessed… Learn More

Field Displays

In most applications, data and communications interactions with the datalogger are displayed and monitored on a base station computer running one of our datalogger support… Learn More

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cables and converters are ideal for lightning environments. Learn More


A multidrop network allows many dataloggers to be interrogated via a single cable. Individual multidrop modems are assigned unique addresses. Learn More


A portable handheld device (PDA) can be used to collect and display the datalogger’s data, transfer datalogger programs, graph data for up to two elements,… Learn More


Spread spectrum, UHF, VHF, or ELOS radio frequencies can be used to retrieve data from monitoring sites. We offer radios in the 900 MHz, 2.4… Learn More


Campbell Scientific supports satellite telemetry through the GOES, Argos, and Meteosat systems. Satellite telemetry may also be possible using other satellite systems; contact the factory… Learn More

Short Haul

Short haul modems provide local communication between the datalogger and a computer with an RS-232 serial port. The modem transmits data up to 6.5 miles… Learn More


Telephone communications offered by Campbell Scientific are digital cellular modems, rugged landline modems for field use, and voice modems. Voice modems allow you to access… Learn More

Communication Peripherals

Some of our communication devices require a peripheral to complete the connection. Devices that require a communication peripheral include cellular modems, short-haul modems, and fiber… Learn More

Data Cables

Data cables physically connect two devices together to allow data to flow between the two devices. They may be used to connect a datalogger to… Learn More

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